Safety By Numbers

James Gorry


"WOW! So simple, powerful and moving!"- EHS Manager, manufacturing company
"It finally feels like someone is listening!"- Health and Safety Manager, construction company
"An excellent short film with a strong impact."- Safety Health and Environment Manager, industrial manufacturing company
"Speechless."- Health and Safety Advisor, construction company
"It brought tears to my eyes!"- EHS Manager, manufacturing company
"Short, effective and easy to get across."- Health and Safety Manager, construction company
"A nice example of 'less is more'."- Safety Health and Environment Manager, industrial manufacturing company
"Somebody has finally kept it simple."- Health and Safety Manager, construction company

Health and safety at work is often viewed as a set of statistics and numbers, but what numbers make an accident? What numbers represent the cold reality of lives ruined by a workplace accident?

James Gorry was the owner of a successful construction company with 30 years experience in the industry. He worked for the same client safely for 18 years until one day he took a shortcut.

James fell 26 feet down from a factory roof on to the concrete floor below. His injuries included:

14 broken ribs
* Broken shoulder blades
* A fractured skull with resulting brain injuries
* Lungs half filled with blood
* Fractured vertebrae, one of which pierced his spinal column at T11

Waking up 3 weeks later, James was sadly paralysed for the rest of his life.



Now a highly sought after safety speaker, James has embarked on a mission to share his story in the hope that he can save other people and their families from the painful consequences he had to face.

In “Safety By Numbers” James Gorry shares his story with anyone open minded enough to realise that we never stop learning new ways to keep safe.


Who this training is for

  • All workers and site visitors
  • Tool Box talks trainees
  • Anyone and everyone. “Safety By Numbers” is an emotionally charged safety training experience that everyone should view and most importantly will remember for the rest of their lives

What you get in the Safety By Numbers training programme

  • A professional training film using high quality footage
  • A support booklet containing additional information and tools to improve the training experience
  • A powerpoint presentation
  • Handouts for those doing the training
  • Exercises to get people thinking about safety
  • Discussion points
  • Plans of action for safety trainees
  • Promotional activities to help you build Safety By Numbers into your own safety initiatives
  • Posters to remind people about the lessons they have learned
  • Access to Lattitude’s growing archive of case studies and support films

Speaker: James Gorry

High impact presentations by James Gorry

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