Safety By Numbers

Previewing: Safety By Numbers

James Gorry

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Health and safety at work is often viewed as a set of statistics and numbers, but what numbers make an accident?

The comprehensive trainer’s guide, supported by a PowerPoint presentation, (plus an additional customisable version), provides all that’s needed to conduct a powerful safety session, running from one to one-and-a-half hours.

Three posters are also included as an ongoing safety reminder.

The training package includes:

  • A professional training film using high quality footage
  • A support booklet containing additional information and tools to improve the training experience
  • A powerpoint presentation
  • Handouts for those doing the training
  • Exercises to get people thinking about safety
  • Discussion points
  • Plans of action for safety trainees
  • Promotional activities to help you build Safety By Numbers into your own safety initiatives
  • Posters to remind people about the lessons they have learned
  • Access to Lattitude’s growing archive of case studies and support films

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