Lessons From A Blind School [Ken Woodward]



Since the accident that deprived him of three of his five senses, Ken Woodward has become an inspirational consultant and educator on health and safety issues.

Ken’s films have also inspired thousands to take a step back, think about the way they work and change their attitudes and behaviours.

Now, in a short, sharp, compelling new film, we’ve tracked back to the source of Ken’s own inspiration: the training he received at the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

In the film, Ken re-visits Manor House, where he first came to terms with his blindness, learned a new approach to life and started developing the skills needed to tackle the challenges of sightlessness.

Remarkably, Ken has never had an accident since his rehabilitation. He attributes this to the principles driving his programme, including:

  • Concentration
  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Prioritising safety

If you’ve already seen Ken in action, you’ll find this his most powerful film ever. If you’re new to Ken, you’re in for a treat.

No one makes safety issues come to life like Ken Woodward.

The Lessons From A Blind School training programme contains:


  • Main Feature (with a male narration)
  • Main Feature (with a female narration)


  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • PDF Poster
  • Background Notes

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