Inspiring Safety Awards 2013


The Inspiring Safety Awards

Inspiring Safety Awards 2013

Presented By Ken Woodward & Jennifer Deeney


Ken Woodward lost his sight in a chemical explosion. It’s the kind of catastrophe from which most never recover. But Ken resolved that some good should come from the disaster that afflicted him.  Put simply, he has become one of the world’s best motivational safety speakers – determined that we should all learn from his accident so that it may not have been in vain.

Jennifer Deeney lost her husband in a workplace accident just thirteen weeks after their wedding day. After her husband lost his life falling down a lift shaft at work, she was motivated to help make sure everyone returned safely to their loved ones. She urges people to ‘take 30 seconds and sit and think of the impact it is going to have on your wife and your children’.

Their goal is to inspire us to do better.

In that same spirit, we are continuing the search for individuals and organisations who inspire the ultimate in safety performance. We are looking for those who motivate, who lead by example, whose efforts are central in creating a culture of safety excellence. We are looking for people whose ideas and imagination have taken them far beyond the tick-box approach to health and safety.

In 2013, the Inspiring Safety Awards will once again recognise the highest achievements in behavioural safety.  They will acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of those pushing the boundaries. They will represent the future of health and safety.

The Inspiring Safety Awards

And both Ken and Jennifer will be there to present the awards.

We are now asking for nominations until 30th August 2013. The awards will be presented at a special ceremony to be announced.

If you would like to apply, please visit for more information and application forms.

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