About Us

Our goal is to inspire people within all areas of industry, at all levels, to improve workplace safety.

Lattitude is a company with the combined wealth of over forty years experience in making innovative training films and delivering memorable safety training. The company was established by leading Behavioural Safety Consultant Martin Woodall and Training Film Producer Rob Coyle.

We aim to bring safety training into the modern world by making it memorable and inspiring.

People choose to work safely for many different reasons – beliefs, family values, financial benefit, improved job performance and sometimes it’s simply because the rules force them to. Our focus is on trying to help people realise the real benefits of great safety, whatever their motivation.  Sometimes this involves engaging with trainees using original analogies, like the tremendous teamwork skills of meerkat mobs or the world-class leadership traits of elephant matriarchs.  Equally, we realise that in some workplaces (through variables in geography, society and even religion), a more powerful and sobering catalyst is required, such as the stories of Ken Woodward and Jennifer Deeney. Our training programmes are used by organisations who operate in the world’s most challenging working environments, as well as some of the most common.  It is our priority to make our content relevant and appealing to a diverse spectrum of audiences; from miners in Peru to line workers in Mumbai.  The best way for us to ensure this is by taking the time to thoroughly research and develop new material, considering the wider economic, environmental and cultural factors impacting on organisations and their stakeholders.

As Lattitude develops and continues to grow, we hope to share ideas and drive innovation within the safety industry to improve the wellbeing of people’s working lives, wherever they are.

We look forward to working with organisations and individuals who share the same values as us.