Case Studies

BOC (Linde Group) Case Study

BOC’s Morden site came up with a highly creative campaign to engage with employees and better improve a well performing site.  This involvement of BOC’s people has meant that 53% of the Morden site’s staff now take on additional SHEQ roles.  In addition, they have seen an incredible 400% rise in the  number of suggested improvements and an impressive 30% increase in behavioural observations.

Read the BOC (Linde Group) Case Study here

Senior plc Case Study

Senior plc have used three Lattitude leading titles to conquerer a plateauing safety culture by improving its reporting system.  

Read the Senior plc Case Study here

Highland Springs Case Study

Jonathan Neale wanted a better way to train people in health and safety at the Highland Spring water plant in Perthshire, Scotland. So he took them to a safari park.

Since Jonathan has been taking people to the Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, the accident rate at Highland Spring has reduced. Since the training started, it fell 30%. This year (2012) it is on target to fall another 20%.

Read the Highland Springs Case Study here